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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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St. Luke's Grammar School - Sydney NSW AU (1996 - 2006)
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acting, amy winehouse, aqualung, art, astrology, australia, australian idol, ben lee, bloc party, carl barron, charmed, chasers war on everything, coldplay, creativity, damien rice, dancing, death cab for cutie, design, drama, dreaming, dreaming/dreams, eskimo joe, family guy, fashion, food, fort minor, friends, friendship, frou frou, gloria jeans, graphic design, graphic making, grease, gwen stefani, hellogoodbye, heroes, hot chip, hugs, jamiroquai, john mayer, kaiser chiefs, kate miller-heidke, keane, kid kenobi, kisschasy, klaxons, lano and woodley, linkin park, little birdy, love, makeup, michael buble, missy higgins, moby, moulin rouge, muse, music, panic! at the disco, photography, photoshop, placebo, powderfinger, regina spektor, savage garden, shopping, silverchair, sleeping, sneaky sound system, snow patrol, softlightes, something for kate, sydney, the fray, the gossip, the killers, the postal service, the simpsons, traveling, tv rock, ugly betty, veronica mars

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